Biotope - 2012-present

In 2012 I started working at MBL Development UG as lead artist for the aquarium simulation

  • Modeling, rigging and animation of the lifeforms
  • Outsourcing management

Spec Ops: The Line - 2008-2012

I worked at Yager Development GmbH an environment artist for the
third-person shooter Spec Ops: The Line.

  • Working on levels through all phases of the production, using the Unreal Editor
  • Texturing and modeling of assets

Treasure Island - 2007

I was lead artist and art director for this 3D Point & Click Adventure at Radon Labs GmbH.
We had a small team with a changing number of 4 - 9 artists with a production time of about a year.
I had the following responsibilities:

  • Designing, modelling and texturing of many of the environments.
  • Planning and sceduling the art tasks
  • Creating the lighting and mood for all locations using lightmaps, realtime shadows and post effects.
  • Additional animation planning
  • Outsourcing of the character models and textures
  • Character rigging and skinning
  • Workflow integration for adapted character animation, animated environment, and camerapaths
Showreel Treasure Island Environment

The Dark Eye - Drakensang - 2006-2008

2006 I joined Radon Labs GmbH to work on the fantasy roleplaying game 'Drakensang'.
The game was created using Radon Labs Nebula Toolkit for Maya.

  • Texturing and modeling landscapes and buildings
  • SpeedTree workflow integration and plant creation
  • Creation of grass libraries for the procedural grasshader and terrain painting
  • Additional character modelling and character rigging

Singles 2 & Kiss before Midnight - 2004-2005

From may 2004 until october 2005 I worked at Rotobee Realtime 3D GmbH for the romance and lifestyle simulations
'Singles 2 - Triple Trouble' and 'Kiss before Midnight'.
The use of the Rotobee engine was demanding, but therefore it featured powerful realtime lighting and dynamic lightmaps for the interior parts of the game.

  • Texturing, modeling of assets and the background environment
  • Character animation
  • Additional rigging and testing motioncapture integration


Velvet Assassin / Sabotage 1943 - 2002-2003

Early 2002 I started working at Powderworks GmbH for an early version of 'Velvet Assassin',
a tactical 3D shooter, which was then named 'Sabotage 1943'.
The game was released by Replay Studios in 2009.

  • Texturing, modeling of the characters
  • Character rigging and animation
  • Developed a pipeline to transfer motioncapture animation from Character Studio to a Maya rig

Tailchaser & Evoker

From 1991 to 1996 I created some background graphics for two Jump and Run Games using Deluxe Paint on Amiga, Atari and PC Computers


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