Paintings, drawings and my shortfilms


Futuretopia - Shortfilm

I created this shortfilm as my diploma thesis in 2003

Gelb Grün Rot - Shortfilm

I created this shortfilm during my studies in 2000/2001. The sound and music was done by Ordalia.
The film was selected for the student competition at the animated film festival in Annecy

Paintings & Drawings

Some old work and exercises from my studies


Stoneheads - Shortfilm

This is the first shortfilm I made during my studies together with my colleague Torsten Lass in 1998. It was done with Alias|Wavefronts Power Animator the predecessor of the famous Maya Software. I remember we were somehow unsatisfied with the film, but today i like it: It has a story with some rudymentory sense, good animation, and the right reducedness, which 3D-films required that time. Notice the particle effects, and the procedural sky.


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